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Jets Win-Loss-Loss-Win game

I do not know why I am still writing blogs about the Jets

I simply have no idea why I wrote this blog. No one and I do mean no one cares about the New York Football Jets. The team is going to be so bad for the next few years. Even the owner of the team decided to abandon the franchise and took a fake position as the US Ambassador to the UK. Coming back to the Jets, the team has no talent and I do not expect them to make any smart decisions in the NFL Draft next week. The NFL regular season schedule was released last night in a glamorous fashion. Fans of every team got excited to see how their fall will turn out this year, but I could care less about mine. I am going to angrily root against the Jets in every game this year, hoping that they get a really bad draft pick. Anyway since the schedule is out now, I have to play the win-loss game with it, even though I hope they lose every game.

Week 1- September 10th, 1 PM @Buffalo

  • The Bills once again have a new head coach, it will be a very emotional game in Orchard Park. The Jets, who knows which Quarterback will be starting, always play really good in the first few games of the season. The Jets will win this game, because the Jets love to tease me. I will think they will have a good season, before eventually killing me. Result- Jets win (1-0)

Week 2- September 17th, 4 PM @Oakland

  • The Jets have a long road trip this week to the opposite coast. The Raiders will be a playoff team next season and a contender for the Super Bowl. The Jets do not belong on the same field as any good teams. Result- Jets lose (1-1)

Week 3- September 24th, 1 PM vs Miami

  • This is the latest the Jets have had their home opener in quite some time. The Jets play great in their home openers and win most of the time. Every year we think Dolphins will take the next step, but they never actually do it. Result- Jets win (2-1)

Week 4- October 1st, 1 PM vs Jacksonville

  • Jaguars looked like a team that could do something last season, but underachieved. They have a new head coach this season. At some point Blake Bortles has to figure out how to play in the NFL. The Jets riding high of the win in the home opener, will come into this game with some momentum, which is never a good thing. Result- Jets lose (2-2)

Week 5- October 8th, 1 PM @Cleveland

  • The Browns might be the only team that is worst than the Jets. The Browns will surprise some people this season but are a year or two away from being a playoff contender. Result- Jets win (3-2)

Week 6- October 15th, 1 PM @New England

  • The Jets always seem to play competitive against the Patr—, umm yeah there is no chance this game is going to be close. Result- Jets lose (3-3)

Week 7- October 22nd, 1 PM @Miami

  • Jets’ dreams come to end in Miami, why would it be different this year. Miami has enough talent that they can be decent this season. The Jets have no real talent, this could be the first game that we see Hackenberg if he does not start the season. Result- Jets lose (3-4)

Week 8- October 29th, 1 PM vs Atlanta

  • The Falcons should have the Super Bowl last year, but I digress. This part of the season for the Jets can start the downward spiral. Result- Jets lose (3-5)

Week 9- November 2nd, 830 PM vs Buffalo

  • This is the only prime time game for the Jets this season. A short week and being on a losing streak can mean only thing. Result- Jets lose (3-6)

Week 10- November 12th, 1 PM @Tampa Bay

  • The Bucs will make the playoffs this year after being so close last season. The Bucs have too many weapons on the offense for the Jets. Result- Jets lose (3-7)

Week 11- BYE

  • Finally the Jets will not lose this week

Week 12- November 26th, 1 PM vs Carolina

  • The Panthers will rebound from a poor campaign last season. Cam Newton will return to top form this season. The Jets are just spiraling out of control at this point. Result- Jets lose (3-8)

Week 13- December 3rd, 1 PM vs Kansas City

  • The Chiefs might be the second best team in the AFC. The Jets will most likely be the second worst team in the AFC. Enough said. Result- Jets lose (3-9)

Week 14- December 10th, 4 PM @Denver

  • If this game was in New Jersey, than it might be competitive in the first half. The young Jets quarterbacks will not be able to deal with the altitude difference in Denver. Result- Jets lose (3-10)

Week 15, December 17th, 1 PM @New Orleans

  • The Saints win most of their games at home. The Jets are a not good team away from the Eastern seaboard. Result- Jets lose (3-11)

Week 16, December 24th, 1 PM vs San Diego

  • Every Jets fan will be wishing a Jets loss on Christmas Eve. The Jets do exactly opposite of what is the right thing to do at least once a year, and destroy their chances of getting the top draft pick. Result- Jets win (4-11)

Week 17, December 31st, 1 PM @New England

  • The schedule makers did us a big favor here. Jet fans can start with their New Years Eve celebrations before any other football teams. The Patriots can play people off the streets of Boston and they will still dominate. Result Jets lose (4-12)

So, the final record for the Jets in the 2017 season will be 4-12. I would be very surprised if they got more than 5 wins next season. I would be lying if I did not write this blog hoping the Jinx will come in full effect, and the Jets would have a good season. I am sick and have a lot of issues I know.

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