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Yankees Series Preview

Preview of the Yankees-ChiSox series in the Bronx

At this time last week, the realistic expectations for the Yankees were finishing fourth place in the division. The expectations have changed immensely since then. The Bombers have not lost a game since then and have looked dominant for the past week. The Starting Pitching and Bullpen has been lights out, the Offense has done enough to win games. Greg Bird finally got going last night with a couple of hits, and the two Aarons, Judge and Hicks have not stopped their hot streak. The Yankees look like a really good team that might just be good enough to make the postseason. The Yankees are missing key players on Offense due to injuries, whenever they come back, the offense will get even better. The White Sox come in with a record 0f 6-5, they are a mediocre team and probably will remain that way for the remainder of the season. The Yankees have lucked out in that they will not facing Jose Quintana in this series. Jose is the best pitcher of the White Sox and might wear the Yankee Pinstripes by the end of the season if the Yankees are dumb enough to continue this winning form. The Yankees will probably take two out of three in this series and continue their winning form.

I wonder who was early on the “Chase Headley is a MVP candidate” train. Headley has been great this season, really making up for the poor start he had last season. Pineda backed up his great start last Monday, with another quality start last night. Between CC, Pineda, and Tanaka finally rebounding, the Yankees might have a rotation that will lead them to the promised land this season. #PlantheParade

As you might have heard, the Yankees are really good this season. You might want to follow along on social media as this great run continues. So be sure to hit that Like and Follow buttons.

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