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NBA Stars, Political Comparison

(Editor’s note: Excited to announce that we have added another writer to the blog, Matt Cenicola. He will be tag teaming with me and bringing this blog to the moon. #BrickbyBrick)

I’m not sure who Bill Johnson is and Wikipedia is not providing much help this morning. Ohio Representative Bill Johnson went on ESPN’s First Take this morning, and threw some gold out there for us. I do not care who he is, but comparing LeBron James to President Trump is a HOT TAKE. This comparison had me thinking, if we can compare Trump and LeBron, what other worldimages leaders can we compare to NBA stars? Because Rep. Johnson chose to compare Lebron to a world leader, I think it’s only appropriate to come up with a comparison for Steph. Curry and Kim Jong Un. Yeah, it flows.  Here’s a quick rundown on how this came to fruition. Neither allows their teammates to eat and everyone hates the team they represent. Also, I think it’s fair to say it pisses everyone off when they take ridiculous shots (something they’re both known for.) Regardless, if people can justify a comparison between LeBron and Trump, we can definitely compare Steph to the “Sun of the Nation.” Cavs in 6, you heard it here first.

What other comparisons do you have? Let us know on social media.

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