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Sunday Stories Ep.2: The Masters

Recap of “The Tradition Unlike Any Other”

Sergio Garcia won his first major title on Sunday, making a birdie on the the first hole of a sudden-death playoff to beat Justin Rose at the Masters. -via ESPN

When the golf calendar turned to major season, everyone assumed that a few things will definitely happen. One of those things was, Sergio Garcia choking away a chance to win a major championship. That all changed today. Sergio Garcia rallied to win the first playoff hole and win his first Green Jacket. The Green Jacket ceremony where Garcia received his first one, capped off one of the best rounds in recent Golf history.

The final round on Sunday began with fan favorites Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler being in the mix and teeing off at the same time. Justin Rose and Garcia followed them and showcased some great golf and also sportsmanship. The two being friends from the time they were on the same Ryder Cup team. Rose, a major winner in the past, had many chances to win the Green Jacket but fell short.

Every shot during Garcia’s round, people were expecting his former self to come back and choke away this opportunity. When he missed the putt on the 18th hole, when he had a chance to win in regulation, people thought Sergio was back to being a choker. In the playoff he did not have to do much to win and when his ball finally went in, the world seemed like a different place.

In the last 365 days, we have seen the Cavaliers and Cubs end their long championship droughts. With Garcia winning on Sunday, are we in store for more? THE KNICKS AND JETS ARE GOING TO WIN!!! (Mentions the Knicks and Jets in a golf related blog, now that is the Mehtaphorical Difference)

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