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Yankees-Orioles Weekend Series Preview

Preview of first series that I will be in attendance

It was not a great series for the Bombers in St. Petersburg. They dropped two out of the three games but the rotation has let them down again. Pineda who I did not expect to have a very good season really sucked in the first few innings before calming down. The Yankees might have the best bullpen in baseball, they are yet to give up a run and have looked dominant. The bullpen has been very active thus far which can bite them in the end because of over use. The offensive power hitters like Sanchez, Bird, and Holliday have yet to get going but that will change when a certain blogger will be watching them live this weekend. The Yankees are heading north for a quick three game stop in Baltimore before going to the Bronx for their home opener on Monday afternoon.

The Orioles come into the the series starting 2-0 and have looked like a good team thus far. They do not have the starting pitching to be a good team, but they have been good for now. Pitching for them this weekend will be Jimenez, Gausman and a pitcher to be named later for Sunday. The Yankees will be lining up Severino, Tanaka, and Sabathia this weekend.

I will be in attendance tonight and tomorrow to watch the Yankees’ youth movement this weekend, so if something great happens this weekend then please credit yours truly.

The Yankees will grab two out of three this weekend and get back to .500. Severino needs to have a good season to remain in the majors as a starter, so he will have a good outing tonight. Tanaka will bounce back from his poor start and will have a strong start tomorrow. The game on Sunday might be up in air depending upon who is starting for Baltimore.

I will be posting content from the games tonight and tomorrow on social media so be sure to follow along.

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