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What if the IPL teams were in the NFL

The combination of the sport leagues in India and USA

With the 2017 Indian Premier League season underway, its perfect time to see how each time would fair in the NFL. For all the readers that do not know much about the IPL, this blog will establish some background knowledge before you start watching the games. Both leagues are similar in that they are the most popular leagues in their respective countries. Enjoy the comparisons below and also the new IPL season. This blog just made me miss the NFL even more, even though my team sucks, god I have a terrible disease.

Editor’s note- I will be using full time franchises so the Rising Pune Supergiants will be combined with Chennai Super Kings, the Gujarat Lions will be combined with the Rajasthan Royals, and the Deccan Chargers will be combined with the Sunrisers Hyderabad. 

Team 1-Delhi Daredevils- Carolina Panthers


Delhi Daredevils had a great first season in the IPL, but have not been consistent. They make the playoffs once every few seasons and are never not relevant. The Panthers also make the playoffs once every five or six seasons, but they have players that keeps the relevant. Delhi Daredevils are middle of the pack in the IPL consistently and so are the Carolina Panthers. They both have a good season every once in a while, so a good comparison of the Carolina Panthers in the IPL is Delhi Daredevils.

Team 2- Chennai Super Kings- New England Patriots


This is the most obvious comparison in the history of modern era. Both teams are always in the playoffs and have won multiple championships. Both teams have players that might be considered best at their position, MS Dhoni as the best Wicket keeper in cricket and Tom Brady (never thought I would write something positive about him on this site) being the best Quarterback ever. If you compare the two franchises on the field it is obvious why they are pretty much the same, but if you go off the field it gets even more weird. The Chennai Super Kings are currently serving a two year suspension because of a match fixing scandal, sound familiar? The Patriots have had multiple scandals in which they were accused of cheating. The two teams have had championships that some might consider tainted. The two teams are interchangeable in the leagues if you think about it.

Team 3- Mumbai Indians- Green Bay Packers


This comparison is a little close to home because I am a big Mumbai Indians fan and the perfect comparison is the Green Bay Packers. Both teams are in the mix every year and have multiple championships with just one loss in the final. Both teams are first class franchises, for the most part both teams have done everything clean and they have had players that are respected by everyone in their respective sports. Aaron Rodgers is considered a good guy and is among the best players in NFL history, and the Indians at one point had Sachin Tendulkar who is the best cricket player ever and no one has bad thing to say about him. The Indians and the Packers are consistently good and they get the job done more often than not so they are a good comparison.

Team 4- Kolkata Knight Riders- Dallas Cowboys


This is another obvious comparison, both teams were once good but are still grabbing headlines. The Knight Riders and the Cowboys are owned by teams that love to stir the pot and keep their teams relevant. The Knight Riders were a fan favorite when they came into the league in 2008 because of the ownership group being led by Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan. The team never really lived up to the expectations until they had three good seasons in which they won a couple of titles, before returning to being on or below average. The team is still talked about a lot even though they have not done much on the field in a couple of years. Sound familiar? The Cowboys were once a great football team, winning multiple Super Bowls but have not been very good for a while now. They still are talked about a lot and among the most valuable franchises in world sport. The two teams were once good but now are mediocre but are still talked about a lot.

Team 5- Royal Challengers Bangalore- Atlanta Falcons


This is a fair comparison because both teams have been to the finals multiple times but never gotten the job them. The two teams are always in the top half of their leagues and make the playoffs every few seasons. If the teams make the playoffs they never win the last game and both have expectations that they never seem to fulfil. Teams that make the finals but never win the big game are a perfect comparison.

Team 6- Rajasthan Royals- New York Jets


This is a little depressing because it brings up the Jets which makes me cry. Both teams are irrelevant but have one title early in the history of their respective leagues. The Royals are suspended right now with the same scandal as the Super Kings. The teams never come close to making the playoffs but when they do they are usually one and done. The teams are irrelevant for the most part but they are always going to be part of the talk because they won a title a gazillion years ago.

Team 7- Sunrisers Hyderabad- New York Giants


The two teams make the playoffs once every few seasons they make the playoffs and they are most likely going the get the job. Both teams are multiple time champions but they are spaced out over many years. The two teams (Chargers and Sunrisers) have for the most part been doing rights the right way. The Giants are a first class franchise and are always a contender for the title. The two franchises are upper class and when they do make the postseason they are most likely going to get the job done.

Team 8- Kings XI Punjab- Cincinnati Bengals


The Kings XI Punjab and the Cincinnati Bengals make the playoffs every once few years but are never able to win their playoff game. The two teams are lovable losers because no one really expects them to do good and they usually do not. The teams continue to be being part of the mix in the preseason but never come close to the title. If they make the playoffs they are going to lose in the first round, so they are fair comparison.

Those were some comparisons between the IPL teams and the NFL, the IPL season has started and this weekend has a full action of games.

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  1. LOL – I love how you’ve compared KKR to Cowboys.

    And I am happy for you as you’ve said on record that Brady’s GOAT!!

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