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Do I have the dumbest/most arrogant brain in the history of mankind?

It was a calm Saturday late afternoon/early evening in Towson, Maryland. I was laying in bed, pipe lining blogs for a busy Sunday (you know cause the blog never sleeps) waiting for the Final Four games to start and my phone vibrates. I get a text from a friend, that I take care of like a first born, about a picture in Tropicana Field, the home of the friend, that will not be named because of legal reasons’ beloved baseball team, Tampa Bay Rays.

In the group chat that this picture was posted, that some people (an idiot that has a history makes dumb decisions) calls the “G.O.A.T. Chat”. The other two people (again will not be named because of legal reasons) were just joking around that this is how the AL East might finish this season. Its all fun and games in the group chat. AND THEN I DROPPED A BOMBSHELL

Its all fun and games until someone makes a bet about only good thing they have in terms of looks, hair. I have a history of making bad decisions, starting a blog that only like 2 people read, is right up there. Pressing SEND on the above message might be the dumbest thing that my dumb brain has ever done. I was so arrogant to think that this is not how the division will finish, I may have made the dumbest decisions in my life.

I am a man of word, and I will honor this in case the AL East finishes this way (even though I can play the April Fools day card, I will not). I do not know how I’m going to look if I do bald, but my dumb brain should have thought of that before pressing send.

Decision Day or the day that I will go bald will be 10/2/17. That is 6 months away from today, so everyone is going to watch me die very slowly.

I will for sure be tracking my path to baldness on social media, so be sure to follow along on Facebook and Twitter.

(Be right back, puking all over the place)


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