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Show Review Saturdays EP.1

All we want to do on Saturdays is watch TV all day, why not watch the best sports based TV show ever

NEW FRANCHISE ALERT- Saturday is the laziest day of the week, in this franchise a lot of sports themed TV shows will be reviewed for everyone to watch. This is probably not going to be weekly thing, it will only exist until I have shows to review. If you like this content, then be sure to slide in DM’s and recommend more shows and I will continue reviewing them. It would be wrong if this franchise did not start with the best sports based TV show, Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is by far the best sports TV show, there are so many story lines that make the show very realistic. The show is based in a typical Texas town which lives and dies by high school football. The show has five seasons, with each season having about 15 1-hour episodes. Below is a season by season synopsis and then the official rating for the show.

Season by Season synopsis

Season 1- Season 1 is among the best seasons of the show, this is the longest season with 22 episodes, but there is excitement in all of the episodes. The season starts with injury to the star QB of the Dillon Panthers, and the town rallies behind the young Matt Saracen, who was not ready to be the star just yet. The story in this season is very realistic because many of the characters seem like people that would exist in real life.

Season 2- This season is probably the weakest of the show. The season starts with Coach Taylor being away from Dillon and coaching at a major college. He returns to Dillon after the Panthers’ season has not been going the way people in Dillon wanted. There are no major new characters for this season, and the story line is very similar to that of season 1.

Season 3- The show rebounds greatly with season 3, after a sub par season 2. In this season, we see the addition of the McCoy family. The McCoys are not likable and their JD is seen as the first real antagonist of the show. JD, a very young talented QB takes the job away from fan favorite Matt Saracen. This season sees a lot of turmoil between Taylor and the administrators of Dillon High School. This season, though not being all joyous is still a very good season.

Season 4- Many think that season 4 is the best one of the show, it is hard to disagree. In this season we see the rebirth of East Dillon High School and a football team that was the worst team in Texas. We are introduced to Vince Howard, a troubled QB, who has spent time in juvenile facilities and football is his last way out of trouble. Vince quickly becomes likable and the turnaround of his life is definitely a must watch. Season 4 ends with a lot of positivity and really makes us look forward to season 5.

Season 5- It is often hard to top a great season of a show with another great season, season 5 does just that. Season 5 might be number two in the rankings for many people. This season completely revolves around Howard and his life both on the field and off the field. The Lions of East Dillon have high expectations for this football season, which leads to a lot of actions by Howard, that are regrettable. Howard’s dad is another antagonist in this season, he tries to salvage Vince’s life many times. The last episode of Season 5 is one of the best episodes of the show, and really makes you question why Season 6 never happened.

That sounds interesting, where can I watch this show?

All five seasons of the show are available on Netflix.

Official Rating- The show receives a 98% approval rating from me, all the episodes of the show are must watch and interconnected with each other. The show really makes you want to move to Texas and be best friends with Tim Riggins (you will have to watch the show, to find out about one of the best characters in a TV show).

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