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Jets are making smart football decisions?

I recall someone saying that the best decision for the Jets would be to sign Josh McCown as their Quarterback, I wonder who called that on Friday? Hmmm…

The Jets go into the summer and fall as a team that will probably not be playing the last game of the season in Minnesota on the first Sunday in February. They have to make signings that will help them in the future and not necessarily next season. The moves that they are making are basically the same as waving the white flag on the 2017 season and building for the future. There are more holes in the Jets future than there is glue to fix the holes. They are not trying to put band-aids on a broken bone, instead letting it bleed out and starting from the bottom. They have not made a glamorous signing that will land him on the back pages of the New York tabloids. They are making smart football moves that might not lead to wins in the near future, but can play a role in the long term future of the Jets.

The first signing that they made after the start of free agency was signing kicker Chandler Catanzaro and resigning long snapper Tanner Pardum. The moves were cheap and made sense at the amount of money that both players will be making next year. Morris Claiborne was another signing that made sense for just $5 Million, he has a chance to showcase his talents and maybe land a long term contract with the Jets or another team.

Then came the big signing of a 38 year old Quarterback

By signing McCown, who will only cost them about $6 Million, they are indirectly telling everyone two things. One- Next season is going to be a wash and all players will have a chance to show that they belong in the long term future of the Jets. Two-The Jets front office is sold on one of the two Quarterbacks on their roster and they are looking to build the franchise around that quarterback. McCown will be great in mentoring the young Quarterbacks and hopefully one of them will show enough progression to be considered as a future NFL starter. McCown signing is not great, but it is certainly the worst signing they could have made.

It will be interesting how they handle the 6th pick in next month’s draft, look for them to fill a defensive hole with that pick.

Its March, but with the moves they have made thus far it looks like it is going to be another long fall for Jets Fans. So Just End The Suffering already.

Lets all suffer together by complaining about the Jets on Twitter

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