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Quarterback for the Jets is…

Some teams celebrate championships, others celebrate not making a bad signing

It is March 17th, and we have no idea who will be taking the first snap for the New York Jets in their first game of the 2017 season. Possibilities are endless for who can be taking that snap, which is the scary part. I do not have any trust in the Jets to make the right decision, when it comes to Quarterback. A team that has not had a franchise quarterback since Namath left town, is not heading in the right decision, towards finding another one. The decision they make at the most important position in sports, will show which direction and plan they have for the future.

If they try to steal the back page of New York tabloids by signing Jay Cutler or Tony Romo, they are making a decision that will set the franchise back for another 7-10 years. They will not have experienced receivers to throw to and an offensive line that will not be good. Signing these quarterbacks who are on the wrong side of 30, which increases of injuries and these quarterbacks will probably be forced to retire by the time the Jets are good again. Financially it does not make sense to sign Jay Cutler because he will likely demand around $15 million annually over 3 years, certainly not a contract that a team trying to dump off salaries should have. Tony Romo is going to have to be acquired via a trade, a rebuilding team should not trade away its minimal assets for a quarterback that is one hit away from being forced to retire. The Jets are dumb enough to sign one of these quarterbacks but it is not a move they should make. They need to fully rebuild, instead of having one average year followed by few bad years.

The Jets have two young quarterbacks on the roster, both are inexperienced that can be helped by a veteran QB. Josh McCown is the perfect answer to their query. Many people including his former head coach in Cleveland believe that he is going to be a great QBs coach whenever he decides to hang it up. McCown can start the season for the Jets and eventually transition into the backup role to whichever young QB on their roster shows the most potential to be a future star. Signing McCown is the safest bet for the Jets this offseason, and they can continue to rebuild as he will be cheap.

Another direction that can go in is not signing any QB, and going into training camp with the young QBs and have an open QB competition. Petty or Hackenberg, whoever has the best camp should take that first snap in the first camp. This is probably ideal but not the decision they can make. Last thing they should do is draft another QB with the 6th Pick to add another inexperienced QB in that locker room.

I would be shocked if they even come close to making the playoffs, so signing a QB brought here to win right away is an idiotic move. Ideally, adding McCown to mentor the young QBs and evaluating them in live game situations is the best move they can move. If either Petty or Hackenberg shows any promise to end the suffering, then they can go ahead and build around that QB.

Knowing the Jets, they will probably do the opposite of what the fans want, so I am going to go ahead and order my customized Jay Cutler jersey before they become expensive.

Last time we thought they had a franchise QB, this happened, so they are doomed for eternity.





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