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Degenerate Day 1 recap and look ahead to Day 2

It’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish

What’s better than having one day where you can sit around and watch TV all day? Having that for two days in a row. There were not big upsets yesterday outside of the annual 12 seed over 5 seed upset when Middle Tennessee State defeated Minnesota. All four 5-12 matchups took place yesterday and I incorrectly predicted three out of the four. If you are a gambler you probably should listen to anyone but me. However, today is a brand-new day, giving me a chance to make more bad predictions. I was one for four yesterday, shout out to the Musketeers at Xavier. I have six upset picks today, which means I am probably going to go 0 for 6. Fade my picks and you will be very rich. Side note having St. Patrick’s Day on Degenerate Weekend is almost a crime. Make sure to drink plenty of water today and enjoy the games.


10 Oklahoma State over 7 Michigan

9 Seton Hall over 8 Arkansas

11 Rhode Island over 6 Creighton

10 Wichita State over 7 Dayton (I still think its 2013 and the shockers are still good)

9 Michigan State over 8 Miami

10 Marquette over 7 South Carolina

Hopefully these picks make you rich!!


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