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Happy Degenerate Day 

Sit around and watch TV all day? Sign me up

Ever want to just mail it in at work or school, and watch sports all day? Well the next days are just that. Stock up on your preferred beverage, sit back and relax to watch 18 year old college kids play a game. First Thursday and Friday of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament are one of the best two days of the sports calender. Games start right around lunch time and go right through midnight. There is not a better feeling than watching your bracket be completely wrong over the next two days. Below are my predictions for possible upsets later today. If you are someone that dabbles in gambling, go ahead and flip these picks and you will be a very rich man


12 Princeton over 5 Notre Dame

9 Vanderbilt over 8 Northwestern

11 Xavier over 6 Maryland

And the annual 12 over 5 upset

12 Nevada over 5 Iowa State

2 Comments on Happy Degenerate Day 

  1. So you got 1/4 above.


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